Fisher Price Peek A Blocks Will Entertain The Curious Toddler

The Fisher Price Peek A Blocks is a clear heavy plastic shape with this cute shape sorter toy has a surprise inside to fascinate and amaze the curious toddler. As baby sorts the shapes into the handy clear sorting box, they can gaze at the details inside each of the see-through shapes. The star has a spinning star shaped pinwheel inside. The circle has a bright, happy, spinning sun inside the clear plastic block, and the square has tiny colorful cubes that rattle and shake. The cutest one of all is the triangular shaped block with a tiny piece of cheese and mouse inside. The sorting holes in the box have bright colors that match the rims of the shapes.

This helps the baby learn manual dexterity skills and colors too! The sorter box even has a cheerful yellow handle for toting this fun filled game around. Battery operated sounds accompany each successful drop of a shape into the box to further delight baby. Based on a very old toy design, it is updated with cute details inside the blocks and rewarding musical sounds.

The Positives
Baby is rewarded with fun sound affects and music when they sort the shapes. Star with a star shaped pinwheel that spins inside. Square with small blocks that rattle and shake inside the block. There’s also a handle so baby can take it on the road. Triangle with a triangular shaped piece of cheese with a little mouse.

The Negatives
Some reports that the noisemaker with the blocks can be loud. A few users felt it plays unnecessary music and it can be annoying.

So What’s The Scoop?
The Fisher Price Block Shape Sorter is a traditional learning toy with a modern design making it great fun for the toddler and satisfying for the parent.

Fisher Price Peek A Blocks Shape Sorter.

Peek A Blocks.

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