Fisher Price Incrediblock Delivers Up Five Sides Of Pure Fun

Fisher-Price has taken building blocks one notch higher with the Incrediblock toddler fun center. The Fisher Price Incrediblock offers five sides of fun for youngsters 9 months to 2 years old, responding with words, lights, and music when blocks are placed in certain areas. It comes with eight interactive Peek-a-Blocks, which are clear and tactile, each with its own fun contents. When the child places a block in a special spot on the top side of the Fisher Price Incrediblock, the block spins and the toy names the contents of the block and plays music. Each of the other Incrediblock sides offers a different way to interact with the blocks.

One side has Plinko-like pegs, so toddlers can watch their blocks bounce around before hitting the floor. Another side helps hold the blocks in place as the child creates towers that can come crashing to the ground with a pull of a lever, sure to keep kids laughing and entertained. Another benefit parents often mention is the longevity of the toy, keeping its usefulness up through potty training. Though some reviewerw were disappointed that the Incrediblock does not name the contents of their other blocks.

The Positives
The key ingredients in the five interactive sides of the cube. Comes with 8 songs, 8 words and lots of sound effects. Activated by baby pushing down on the block or by pressing the blue triangle on top. 5 sides of activity play including 2 block drop sides and 2 storage sides. Age range 9 months up to 2 years.

The Negatives
The carousel on top needs get really use a cover. The blocks spilling into the cube can be loud.

So What’s The Scoop?
Parents love how the Fisher Price Incrediblock can serve as storage for their child’s other Peek-a-Blocks.


Fisher Price Peek A Blocks Incrediblock.


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