Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Offers Quick Cleaning Of Your Bare Floors

If you’re in store for an ultra-light cordless vacuum, the Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner has plenty of features you can’t pass up. Weighing 5 ½ pounds and standing 42 inches tall, you’ll love how easy it is to move from room to room. Designed for quick clean-ups on bare floors, this vacuum offers one feature that most cordless ones do not: an attached hand vacuum. With 9.6 Volts of power, crevice and dusting brush tools and a charging stand, this cordless vacuum has an ultra-sleek design and is available in vibrant colors, such as orange or red. It has a bagless design and instead relies on a no-touch dust cup. It is is easy to empty and eliminates costly replacement bags.

You can also switch back and forth between low and high powers, giving you just the right amount of suction. With the 180-degree swivel head, you can clean just about anywhere, including underneath furniture and appliances. There are certain features that set the Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner apart from others on the market, including its colorful, sleek design and 2-in-1 features. Online reviews are positive and product owners love that you can clean bare floors without having to lug out the big vacuum.

However, there are some consistent complaints in regards to battery life. Some product owners found that not only did the battery not last long while cleaning, but it died out after six months. In addition, the battery gradually diminished over time. This is a common issue with all cordless vacuums and customers recommend keeping the battery fully charged at all times, regularly cleaning out the dust cup and using for short periods of time.

The Positives
Ultra-lightweight cordless stick vacuum for cleaning bare floors. Bagless design with no-touch dust cup and a snap-spring filter. Wall-mountable charging station for storing vacuum plus dusting brush tools. The wall-mountable charging station provides an easy storage place for the unit. Weighs 5-1/2 pounds, measures 42 inches tall; backed by 2-year warranty.

The Negatives
Some owners found that this hardwood floor vacuum battery not lasting long while cleaning. Filter to dump is very small and requires emptying a lot.

So What’s The Scoop?
Overall, this is a step up compared to other stick vacuums and the Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner delivers plenty of power for cleaning bare floors.

Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner.

Electrolux Bagless Cordless Handheld Stick Vacuum.

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