The Mantis Electric Tiller Features 3 Speeds In A Lightweight Design

Planters and gardeners everywhere will tell you that one of the most exhausting tasks related to their favorite hobby is preparing the Earth for planting. Seeds and young plants can’t just be thrown onto the ground and expected to grow. They need to have the ground churned up first so they can be buried safely below ground. This can be a back breaking task if completed manually, or it can be done easily with the help of a power tool. The Mantis 3-Speed Electric Tiller and Cultivator is the perfect electric tiller tool for churning up the ground in preparation for planting. The electric tiller from Mantis is economically friendly option.

Just plug it into the nearest outlet, pull the auto start trigger, and away you go! The Mantis tiller features a compact design that allows for easy maneuvering, and at just 21 pounds it is easy to handle. The reversible tines on the Mantis allow it to churn as deep as 10 inches into the soil, or effectively churn up just the top two or three inches of soil. A variety of tillers are available on the market, all with varying capabilities. Gas powered tillers often possess greater power, but electric tillers like this model from Mantis are closing the gap.

The Positives
Mantis cultivator is just 20 pounds in weight, it is easy to start and easy to operate. The powerful electric motor provides the same tilling performance as gas tillers. Fold-down handles and compact design make it easy to store. The electric cultivator compact design allows the tiller to get in tight spaces. It features one-piece die-cast gearbox and a double-insulated motor.

The Negatives
Although the majority of online reviewers gave the Mantis Electric Tiller a 5-star rating, there were also a number of reviewers that had a negative experience with this unit. The most common complaint was that the Mantis tiller is too light and does not cut into harder soils or tear up grassy or weeded areas. Others complained of units that fell apart or failed to operate after just a few uses.

So What’s The Scoop?
If you have a small garden to work on or open ground around your property you need to till for planting and growing, the Mantis Electric Tiller will provide enough muscle for your job. Those with bigger plans may need to invest in more powerful models.

Mantis 7250 15 02 3 Speed Electric Tiller Cultivator.

Electric Tiller.

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