This Electric Lawn Mower Combines Both Power And Convenience

One of the most back-breaking tasks for homeowners each summer is mowing the lawn. Each week the grass grows and must be cut down to size, regardless of the heat of the summer sun. There is nothing worse than heading outside, prepared to do battle with heat and grass only to find that your mower is out of gas. With the Black and Decker cordless electric lawn mower you’ll never need to run to the station at the last second for gas. The Black & Decker electric lawn mower is powered by a 36-volt battery that requires no electrical cords to operate. The electric mower comes with a removable 36-volt battery that can mow up to 1/3 of an acre on one charge.

Because the battery is removable a secondary battery can be installed for mowing larger properties. Other features include one-touch height adjustment on all four wheels, rear bag assembly, mulch plug, safety key, 36V battery pack, and battery charger. Electric mowers are becoming more and more popular, especially as gas prices rise and environmental concerns increase.

However, there are few models that feature cordless operation and removable batteries like the Black & Decker. Although the vast majority of online reviewers were pleased with the Black and Decker electric lawn mower, there were those who were not impressed. The biggest complaint was that the battery life could not live up to Black & Decker’s claims. Others complained that the electric mower was incapable of tackling thicker grass types.

The Positives
Cordless electric lawn mower with 36V battery for cutting lawns up to 1/3 acre. Features a powerful, ultra-efficient motor and a new-and-improved blade design. The mower is equipped for mulching the clippings back into your lawn. Users can also purchase additional batteries for extended run-time. Battery lawn mower offers 1-touch adjustment quickly changes height on all 4 wheels simultaneously.

The Negatives
Biggest issue was that the battery life could not live up to the claims. Complaints that the electric mower was incapable of tackling thicker grass types.

So What’s The Scoop?
Many individuals stated that the cordless lawn mower would go out after just 30 minutes of use and wouldn’t even allow them to complete the front portion of small yards. The Black & Decker cordless electric lawn mower may not be right for every home, but if you have a small yard this may be a good tool to “go green” with.

Black Decker Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Removable Battery.

Electric Lawn Mower.

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