2 Slice Dualit Toaster Is A Robust Appliance With An Elegant Presence

In an abundance of colors, the Dualit Toaster is a one-of-a-kind appliance that is known for its performance and sophistication. It features award-winning ProHeat elements that make for more efficient toasting, as well as extra wide, 28-mm slots for toasting all kinds of breads. To keep the bread warm, the ejector system works until the ejector level is pushed up to release the bread, and the removable crumb tray allows for easy cleaning afterward. The timer knob features light, medium or dark toast varieties so you can have your morning toast just the way you like it! When first looking at the Dualit Toaster, many consumers are surprised by the high cost.

Yet with all the features and efficient toasting mechanisms, product owners find that the toaster is well worth the cost. The Dualit 2 Slice Stainless Steel Toaster also features a sturdy metal housing made from clear mica and 80/20 nickel chrome, looking absolutely stunning on any countertop. In fact, it’s this very kitchen toaster that is used in English hotels and restaurants, standing up to frequent, continuous use.

The Positives
These robust toasters sport extra-wide, 28-mm slots that can accommodate a variety of bread products. Dualit toasters feature the award-winning ProHeat elements that increase toasting efficiency and element longevity. Other nifty features include an ejector system that keeps toast warm until the ejector lever is pushed up, and rubberized adjustable legs that accommodate uneven surfaces. Those that have a colored themed kitchen will appreciate that the toaster is available in unique shades of white, black, chrome, red, pink, purple and green. Style away!

The Negatives
Although there are many great reviews on the Dualit Toaster, product reviews are somewhat varied. Some consumers felt that the toaster was too highly priced and rivaled what a much less expensive toaster could do. Fortunately, there were no real issues with the product in terms of quality or mechanics; consumers just felt differently about how much they were willing to spend on these toasters. Lastly, take note that a number of owners felt the slot openings were too small for bagels.

So What’s The Scoop?
There were plenty of positive reviews from owners that enjoyed the options that the toaster offers, such as being able to toast a variety of breads at different shades. And while the price of the toaster is rather high, consumers promise it’s worth the cost. Plus, it’s hard to beat the sleek presentation of Dualit toasters and the wide array of available attractive colors that allow you to match your kitchen design.

Dualit Toaster Blue.

Dualit Toaster Yellow.

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