Bake Homemade Donuts With The Smart Planet Mini Donut Maker

Who doesn’t love a good donut now and then? With the Smart Planet MDM-1 Mini Donut Maker, you can make your own donuts at home easily, saving both time and money. What’s neat about this donut maker is that it appears safe as well as easy to use, so even younger cooks can join in the (supervised) donut-making process. Highlights of this donut maker include its non-stick surface, its ability to be used with any store bought donut mix, and its fast cooking time. In fact, the manufacturer reports being able to whip up a batch of donuts in 4 minutes. The donuts the maker produces are also on the smaller size.

Which some may find find as a product con, but others may like because it is, in essence, portion control. Product owners provided a lot of insight into this model of donut maker. One such online review noted that the machine makes six donuts at one time.

That’s fine if you’re only cooking up a batch or three, but expect longer waits for larger numbers of donuts. Also, the home donut maker’s fast cooking time, while a plus, also can end up being time consuming if you’re making more than a few batches at one time.

The Positives
Automatic donut maker bakes delicious fresh donuts in less than 4 minutes. Mini doughnut is easy to use and safe for even the youngest baker. Compatible with any store bought donut mix and includes recipe book. Non-stick surface releases donuts instantly and makes clean up a breeze. Each donut is about 2″ in diameter with about a 1/2″ sized hole in it.

The Negatives
This mini doughnut machine produces only 6 donuts at once so large batches will take time. Mini donut size may be too small for some that desire larger donuts.

So What’s The Scoop?
Consumers did report these donut makers were extremely easy to use. This appears to be a great product for those wanting to produce donuts at home that are sized just right for kids or those more calorie conscious.

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