Digital Luggage Scale That Helps Avoid Overweight Luggage Charges

If you’re a frequent traveler and hate paying for overweight luggage, the Taylor digital luggage scale is a must-have for every trip! Simply clip the scale to the handle of your luggage and wait for the scale to beep. Once it does, it will display the weight of your bag on the easy-to-read LCD screen. To weigh another bag, push the button and the scale will reset. The digital luggage scale is small and lightweight, suitable for taking along on trips without weighing you down. The Taylor luggage scale is inexpensive and a great way to save the hefty price of being charged for oversized bags, as airlines consider 50 pound bags “overweight”.

There are several other digital luggage scales on the market, with the Balanzza product being a popular seller. Although the Balanzza has received mostly positive reviews, some product owners found that that the scale was not nearly as accurate as the Taylor scale. Plus, the Taylor luggage scale comes at a lower price. Online reviews love the Taylor portable luggage scale, saying that it provides peace of mind while flying, is easy to read and highly accurate.

In fact, many online reviews compare the Taylor product to higher-end scales that fall short of the ergonomic and reliable design of the Taylor scale. Of course, some product owners disagree, reporting that the luggage weighing scale didn’t work properly, sending inconsistent weights and not working well on heavier bags.

The Positives
Baggage scale helps you avoid charges for overweight luggage. High capacity up to 88 lb in 0.2 lb increments (40 kg in 0.1 kg increments). Compact modern design features easy-to-read LCD readout. The scale, clasp, and strap are constructed of high quality, durable material. Portable and easy-to-use scale that allows you to quickly measure baggage.

The Negatives
Some reports of the travel luggage scale not working well on heavier bags. This travel scale requires a clean, smooth lift; not always easy with a heavy bag.

So What’s The Scoop?
Customers suggest leaving room for error, about .5 to 1 pound, weighing the bags twice and avoid jerking the scale when lifting the bags. In the end, this digital luggage scale prevents extra costs and frustration while flying, giving you one less thing to worry about!

Digital Luggage Scale.

Taylor Digital Luggage Scale.

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