This Crushed Ice Maker Crushes Ice With A Powerful 150 Watt Motor

When you are in need of crushed ice, nothing is more frustrating than a machine which doesn’t work. With the Waring IC70 Ice Maker, makers claim that can turn ice cubes into crushed ice any day. With a sleek, no-nonsense design, this crushed ice maker can create pea-sized ice pellets from whole cubes in a matter of moments. It is a great accoutrement to any party or hot summer afternoon. Freezing your favorite beverage in an ice tray and then placing it in this machine provides a fun-filled treat for any children’s party or poolside event. The ice machine is stainless steel on the outside which gives it a cleaner, more complete look.

The Positives
The ice machine crushes ice cubes perfect for munching or soft drinks, bar drinks or other delightful treats. The portable ice maker is simple to use. You plug it into the outlet, turn it on, put your ice cubes inside the tray, and that is the end of it. The ice cubes are fed into the chute on the top of the machine and then a plastic bin at the bottom catches the crushed ice which is sent out the bottom. The size is not incredibly small but it is manageable. Compared to other products of a similar fashion, such as Deni which specializes in sno-cone style ice, this ice maker is far superior as it is more stable than other versions. There is less work required than a hand-cranked ice crusher.

The Negatives
When you add too many ice cubes to the machine, such as an entire tray of ice cubes, some of them get stuck in the chute, at which point you must rock the machine back and forth to get them unstuck. The ice it generates is not quite the ice needed to make blended bar drinks or sno-cones. This home crushed ice maker doesn’t function as a soft-serve machine often seen at convenience stores.

So What’s The Scoop?
All and all, there were a lot of enthusiastic countertop Waring Pro Ice Crusher owner reviews. The results are perfect, according to the internet reviews I researched. While it isn’t great for soft serve drinks or blended ice for sno-cones, it does exactly what it says it does and is perfect for its price.

Crushed Ice Maker.

Waring Pro Large Capacity Ice Crusher.

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