Create Crepe Envy With The World Cuisine 13 Inch Electric Crepe Maker

If you love making crepes, the World Cuisine Tibos Electric Crepe Maker is a must-have kitchen accessory. This non-stick, 13-inch diameter griddle takes the work out of crepe making, delivering uniform cooking each time. The smooth surface makes it easy to spread the batter, and within less than one minute, you’ll have delicious crepes coming right from your kitchen! The crepe maker comes with a wooden crepe turner and spatula, as well as a cleaning brush to get off leftover batter. The indicator light lets you know when the maker is heated up, and there are also a variety of thermostat settings to play with to perfect the cooking process.

This makes it easy to cook the crepe on one side and then flip it over, adding such goodies as eggs or cheese. Although the crepe maker looks expensive at first glance, it’s much cheaper than purchasing a professional maker, such as the Krampouz. Reviewers say they can get near-perfect crepes without having to use this heavier machine.

While ratings from owners are mostly positive, there are still some common struggles that users face. Lots of practice goes into making the perfect crepes and it can be difficult to find the right temperature without overcooking them. Online reviews also warn that the included tools are hard to work with, so you may want to replace them with better quality ones instead.

The Positives
Electric crepe maker has a smooth, no stick surface to spread batter evenly. Only four seconds to spread the batter and 30 seconds to make the crepe. Extensive recipe book provides explanations and inspiration. Wooden crepe turner and scraper with cleaning brush included. Indicator light to signal heating and cursor to regulate the thermostat.

The Negatives
Some reviewers had issues finding the right temperature on this crepe maker machine to not overcook crepes. One reviewer mentioned replacing included tools with higher quality tools.

So What’s The Scoop?
On the whole, the World Cuisine Crepe Maker is a real treat to have in your kitchen. For an affordable price, you get bakery-quality crepes that are sure to impress.

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