This Compost Tumbler Is A Great Addition To Backyard Maintenance

The Sterling Compost Tumbler makes cleaning up the yard a breeze, all while being conscientious of the environment. With a 7-cubic foot capacity and black design that’s excellent for heat production, this compost tumbler is the perfect place to dump leaves, twigs and branches. It’s made from 98% post industrial polyethylene and is safe for both children and pets. Turning requires little effort, as the recessed handles and wheeled base is comfortable and efficient. The RotoComposter by Good Ideas, Inc. is another compost tumbler that has a very similar design, dark color and made from recycled polyethylene.

This product is also double the price of the Sterling tumbler and has had a few complaints with the lid being difficult to fit. For this reason, consumers have favored the Sterling 7-Cubic-Foot Roto Composter Jr., as it’s more affordable and has the same great features as more expensive compost tumblers.

The only negative complaint is that the garden compost maker is a bit low to the ground, which can be difficult if you have a bad back. Some product owners suggest placing the tumbler on a table to make it more accessible. This also works out any problems with water seeping into the base, as there are no holes on the bottom to allow water to escape.

The Positives
Roto composter offers 7 cubic foot capacity. This small composter is made from 98% post industrial polyethylene. Recessed handles and wheeled base make turning almost effortless. Compost maker that helps you clean up your yard and save the planet. Black color provides heat for quick compost production.

The Negatives
There is no base included and no instructions. Some users felt the lid is difficult to take on and off.

So What’s The Scoop?
Online reviewers enjoy the quality construction, ease of use and the ideal size of the tumbler. Alos the spinning composter has no set-up, which means you can start using it right out of the box! Overall, this rotating compost tumbler is a great addition to backyard maintenance, coming at an affordable price with easy turning to keep the compost fresh.

Compost Tumbler.

Sterling 7 Cubic Foot Roto Composter JR.

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