The Highly Rated Microplane Professional Coarse Coconut Grater

If you’re tired of grating foods by hand, the Microplane Grater is a product that will save you time and frustration. The design was inspired by a tool used to shave wood, making it extremely efficient in the kitchen. It can grate such foods as cheese, chocolate and garlic. The stainless steel blade features razor sharp teeth that make grating foods of all shapes and sizes effortless. And with the large grating surface, you can handle larger foods, such as a fresh coconut! A non-slip rubber grip keeps the coconut grater steady and a plastic safety cover can be placed over the grater when not in use. How sharp are the grater blades?

Not only are the blades super sharp, but they’re also widely spaced so that foods won’t clog. This means you get fresh, shredded foods each and every time. For cleaning, simply toss the grater in the dishwasher. Fortunately for Microplane, they got this design right, as no other products have mastered the rasp-inspired design. For this reason, the coconut grater stands ahead of the competition and is a one-of-a-kind product.

Even better, the cheese and chocolate grater takes care of other flaws that product owners have faced with other graters, such as the razors being too dull or the food getting stuck in the teeth. The downfall – some reviewers said that the grater worked better on certain foods than others. However, this is common with all food dicers, as most handle harder blocks of food best.

The Positives
Coarsely grates cheese, chocolate, garlic and coconut. Patented razor-sharp cutting teeth for effortless grating. Large grating area with non-clogging teeth and plastic blade cover. Stainless steel grater can handle bigger ingredients, such as fresh coconuts. Has non-slip rubber grip just above its head to keep it steady on a tabletop.

The Negatives
This coconut grater is more expensive due to being made fully of stainless steel. One reviewer felt this coconut slicer was not as coarse as desired.

So What’s The Scoop?
With the innovative design and flawless performance, there are no negative reviews on the Microplane Coarse Grater. Instead, online reviews rave about this gadget, which is promised to be the best tool for any kitchen and something that everyone should own!

Coconut Grater.

Microplane Professional Patented Design Coarse Grater Review.

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