Weber Kettle Rotisserie Is A Smooth Turning Charcoal Grill Rotisserie

Nothing beats the taste of a fully cooked rotisserie chicken, but it is a rare site on grills and at campsites these days. Grillers often go for various split up portions of the bird, such as boneless breasts, legs, thighs, or wings. This is due in large part to a lack of easy ways to get a full bird on a spit over the flame. The Weber Charcoal Kettle Rotisserie makes it possible to cook a full bird over the smoky heat of a charcoal grill with easy. This charcoal grill rotisserie is designed with a one piece spit for greater strength that allows for rotisserie grilling of large chickens, turkeys and other large fowl. This particular rotisserie fits all 22 1/2 inch kettles.

In addition to the one piece spit, the unit features a heavy duty electric motor that also helps make it possible to grill larger birds. It also features an adjustable counter balance to help provide smooth turns and less motor wear.

The Positives
Fits all 22-1/2-inch charcoal kettle grills. Weber kettle rotisserie includes a heavy-duty electric motor. Counterbalance for even cooking and less motor wear. One piece spit for greater strength. This kettle rotisserie includes a wooden rod handle.

The Negatives
One of the downside is the amount of cleanup involved with some cuts of meat. The rotisserie ring can rock back and forth during the cooking process.

So What’s The Scoop?
Despite some concerns from a few users regarding the quality of the parts, the vast majority of Weber Charcoal Grill Rotisserie owners were extremely pleased with the ease of use and durability of the unit. The Weber Kettle Rotisserie is a no brainer for anyone looking to easily prepare a large amount of food for their next outdoor party.

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