Bissell Carpet Sweeper Is Great For Dry Pickups And Quick Cleaning

For quick cleanups around the home, you don’t have to lug around an oversized vacuum or use a dustpan and broom. Instead, the Bissell carpet sweeper is the perfect alternative, as it sweeps up lint, crumbs and dirt using a forward and reverse motion. This carpet sweeper is lightweight and cordless, which means you can store it anywhere and use it in any room of the home. Ideal for bare floors and low pile carpets, the sweeper features a steel construction and rubber bumper, as well as dual dustpans and a rotating brush roll. When it comes to cleaning floors, no one knows vacuums and sweepers quite like Bissell.

With a durable construction and affordable cost, this Bissell carpet sweeper sweeper remains one of the front runners. In comparison, the Shark Cordless Cleaner is also economical and works on both carpets and bare floors, featuring a 30 minute charge and ergonomic features. However, the Bissell sweeper has received much better reviews, as some product owners felt the Shark product had poor suction, didn’t last the full charge and easily broke after a few months.

Despite the negative reviews that often surround cordless sweepers, the Bissell has received excellent reviews. Customers rave about the efficiency of the home sweeper, as well as its quiet and dustless cleaning power. Some customers had difficulty with the handle coming loose and reviewers suggested following the directions and making sure the handle is tapped in with a hammer.

The Positives
Cordless sweeper is for bare floors and low carpets. Manual carpet sweeper picks up lint, crumbs, and dirt on forward/reverse motion. Dual-direction brush roll snags debris off the floor in both forward and reverse. Slide sweeper under furniture to trap lint and dust bunnies. Standing 43-1/4 inches high and measures 10-1/2 by 9-1/2 inches at the base.

The Negatives
Some customers had difficulty with the floor sweeper handle coming loose during use. Cordless sweeper is not a vacuum, so it won’t have the cleaning power of one.

So What’s The Scoop?
Reviewers also caution that the sweeper is not a vacuum, so it won’t have the cleaning power of one. Instead, the Bissell Carpet Sweeper carpet sweeper is great for in between cleanings and quick pickups!

Carpet Sweeper.

Bissell Swift Sweep Sweeper.

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