CamelBak BPA Free Better Bottle With Bite Valve Is Now Chemical Free

The CamelBak Better Bottle has created a lot of positive buzz and some adamant fans due to the proven design that contains no moving parts so one can just bite and sip for simple and seamless hydration. Another big plus of this innovative bottle is the complete lack of BPA’s and it’s also Phthalate free. This is accomplished by a new copolyester polymer called Tritan which is made by Eastman. The important fact is that it offers the same great qualities that you’d expect from your average polycarbonate bottles and is 100 percent BPA free. Lastly the Big Bit valve is composed of medical grade silicon which provides taste free performance.

You won’t have trouble finding your favorite color as they seem to be in available in every color of the rainbow except ‘midnight black.’ Don’t worry though, I’m sure it’s forthcoming! You can also pick up one of these BPA free water bottles in three different sizes – 1 liter, 0.75 liter, and 0.5 liter.

The Positives
Available in multiple colors and in three sizes, 1 liter, 0.75 liter, and 0.5 liter. This innovative bottle is also BPA and Phthalate free. One hand usage with just flip up the Big Bite Valve and sip. No tipping required. Quick flip closes folds flush and stays clean when not in use. Hands free hydration systems for hiking, running, snow boarding and skiing.

The Negatives
One reviewer commented that this bottle design has dripping issues with bite valve. Some find it hard to bite down on the cover and drink from the built-in straw.

So What’s The Scoop?
The CamelBak BPA Free Bottle is truly spill proof, so even when you’re driving, hiking, biking or working out, you can easily re hydrate your body and you won’t be spilling liquids all over your chin!

Camelbak Better Bottle.

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