This Calphalon Twill Thumb Mitt Is Heavy Weight And Heat Resistant

You’ll never have to worry about another burnt hand again with the Calphalon Twill Thumb Mitt. Made from 100% cotton twill, this cooking mitt is heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and can be used on both right and left hands. The comfortable design and durable construction allows for a good grip while handling hot pans and casserole dishes. The stain resistant fabric prevents stains and burnt marks, and a handy hang loop keeps the mitt within reach while handling any cooking job. Available in four different colors, you’re bound to find a good fit or match for your own kitchen color scheme and design.

Plus, you can’t deny the reputable brand of Calphalon, who certainly knows their kitchen products. A similar product on the market is the Oxo Good Grips Oven Mitt that features silicone strips and is heat resistant up to 600 degrees. Customers are often unsure of which brand to choose, as both have plenty of features and similar reviews.

However, better reviews were found with the Calphalon brand, as this oven mitt was a bit more flexible and sturdy to use. That said, many of the poor reviews on the product revolved around the Calphalon Twill Thumb Mitt being too large to get a good grip with. Some product owners even dropped hot casserole dishes, plus felt the heat come through too quickly.

The Positives
Heavy weight, 100% cotton twill that has stain resistant treated fabric. Mitts are silicone treated allowing for a better grip on hot cookware. Silicone is heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat resistant oven mitts can be used by right handed and left handed consumers. Hang loop for easy storage with pleasing embroidered Calphalon logo.

The Negatives
Some reviewers thought the kitchen mitts were too large to get a good grip with. Comments that heat came through too quickly on heat resistant oven mitt when holding hot dishes.

So What’s The Scoop?
However, a large portion of the positive reviews came from women who claimed to have average-sized hands and had no problem getting a good grip with the mitts. Overall, this Calphalon Oven Mitt is a comfortable solution for keeping your hands safe and protected while handling hot dishes.

Calphalon Twill Thumb Mitt Red Green Black.

Calphalon Twill Thumb Mitt.

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