These Totally Bamboo Butcher Blocks Are Environmentally Friendly

These days, it seems there is more and more emphasis on being friendly to the environment not only with everyday living but also with the products you buy. From the company Totally Bamboo comes its butcher block which promises durable functionality without being a threat to the environment. The bamboo used to construct this heavy cutting board is called moso bamboo, is grown in China, and is not a bamboo native to a panda bear’s habitat. In addition, these butcher blocks are free from any added stains or dyes. Totally Bamboo also uses only toxin-free glue in construction of its products. Four legs with rubber caps make this board very sturdy.

The bamboo wood won’t crack or fade, and it also will not dull your knives. The board’s surface area, which measures 19.5 x 11.75 inches, is roomy and is easily cleaned with warm water. An occasional coat of mineral oil is all it takes to maintain this beautiful, natural board.

The Positives
Heavy, sturdy butcher block sits firmly on rubber-capped legs during chopping. Made of bamboo, a renewable, earth-friendly resource, in parquet end-grain design. Variety of bamboo used is not food or habitat for the giant panda. Only food-safe, formaldehyde-free glue used, no dyes or stains. Won’t absorb water or crack and wash by hand.

The Negatives
It can be expensive compared to other alternative products. This cutting board is very heavy.

So What’s The Scoop?
Customer reviews online were overwhelmingly positive. Reviewers seemed to feel these butcher blocks lives up to their description, providing an environmentally friendly yet very durable cutting surface.

Butcher Block.

Totally Bamboo Butcher Block.

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