This Bradley Electric Smoker Offers A 500 Watt Cooking Element

Some of the tastiest meals that people can make for themselves don’t require an open flame, but they do require a long time to prepare. Using a smoker is one of the best ways to lock in taste and succulent flavor, but using a smoker can be tremendous pain at times. In addition to the nearly eight hours it can take to smoke meats and other foods, it takes time to get the smoker up and running and clean up afterward can be a nightmare. Enter the Bradley Electric Smoker, the answer to all your prayers. The Bradley Automatic 4-Rack Outdoor Food Smoker is an electric smoker that can do it all, providing hot and cold smoke, slow roasts and slow cooking.

The Bradley features four slide-out shelves inside of its aluminum interior. On the outside is a durable, powder epoxy steel exterior and the unit is powered by a 500-watt heating element and a 125-watt smoking element, allowing for heat as high as 280 degrees. The Bradley’s briquettes burn reliably for 20 minutes before advancing off the burner, and the system is capable of sustaining heat for up to eight hours.

Other electric smokers do exist on the market, but some of them sell for upwards of $4,000 while others sell for less but have been found to be less than reliable by users. This makes the Bradley Electric Smoker Grill one of the top products available. Online reviewers have been amazed by the Bradley Original Fully Automatic Food Smoker. The vast majority of users continue to get wonderfully smoked meals from their Bradley, but a few had issues with their heating elements after just a handful of uses.

The Positives
Includes a 4-rack fully automatic food smoker with 2,288-cubic-inch interior. Offering a 500-watt cooking element, 125-watt smoking element and heats up to 280 degrees. Fire system features wood-flavored bisquettes that burn for 20 minutes each. Runs for up to 8 hours without refueling with tray and drip bowl included. Each smoker shelf offers an 11 inch by 13 inch cooking space.

The Negatives
Reports of the smoke generator heating on this outdoor food smoker element failing. The plastic bottom on the door, which holds the door on the hinge can break.

So What’s The Scoop?
Those looking to buy their first smoker will find a friend in the Bradley Digital Electric Smoker. The ease of use and simple cleaning make it a joy to own, especially for those just getting into the world of smoked food.

Bradley Electric Smoker.

Bradley Fully Automatic 4 Rack Outdoor Food Smoker.

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