This Bounty Hunter Metal Detector Is Both Fun And Easy To Use

Product review of bounty hunter metal detector.

If you enjoy the thrill of metal detecting, the Bounty Hunter TK4-PL Tracker IV Metal Detector is the perfect way to have fun, while making a profit on rare metals. This handy device tracks all types of metal without picking up iron or trash. The metal detector is great for beginners, as it’s easy to use, affordable and offers the same precision as more expensive gadgets on the market. The Bounty Hunter Metal Detector features an 8-inch search coil that allows for easier pinpointing and depth perception. The Tracker IV metal detector is lightweight and versatile so that you can engage in productive metal detecting for hours.

Even more exciting is that the device includes 3 settings so that you can detect all metals, ignore iron and trash items, or decipher between two different metals. The audio pitch alerts are easy to understand, another reason for why this product is perfect for beginners. Bounty Hunter is a well-respected brand, which is why so many customers put their trust in this company for metal detectors of all price ranges and experience levels.

This particular metal detector is preferred to others on the market, as it includes more features than the basic American Hawks Metal Detectors, yet is much less expensive than the Garrett Ace. What reviews love most about this product is that it’s easy to use and doesn’t require any experience. Even with the consistently positive reviews however, we’re reminded that this metal detector is great for casual metal detecting only.

Progressive discrimination control eliminates iron and other unwanted items. 8-inch search coil allows greater depth detection and easier pinpointing. Lightweight and ergonomic design provides comfort for hours of detecting. Automatically balances the machine to the soil conditions. Beach metal detector operates on two 9-volt alkaline batteries.

Some reviewers felt that it did not detect gold materials very well. A few reports that the hand held metal detector headphones included are very bulky.

Many reviews suggest wearing headphones in order to pick up the sounds. All in all, this metal detector is the perfect way to enjoy a metal detecting hobby, while staying within a reasonable budget.

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