Schwinn Bike Computer Tracks Speed, Distance And Calories Burned

Riding a bike is great exercise, but it’s hard to improve your workout routine when you don’t know what it involves. The Schwinn Bike Computer has 17 functions that allow you to track speed, distance, time, calories burned and more. It’s small and lightweight, attaching easily to the handlebars. The screen flashes large numbers so it’s easy to read, and a backlit screen allows for easy viewing at night. No longer do you have to anticipate what your workouts include; with this bike computer, you’ll know each time! There are a variety of bike computers on the market, but this particular model is made by Schwinn, a name synonymous with quality bikes and parts.

The Bell Bike Computer is another popular product, as it’s less expensive than the Schwinn and offers dependable readings. However, the Bell bike computer only has 10 functions and a portion of product owners complained about its interference and inconsistent readings.

The Positives
This Schwinn bike computer tracks such info as speed, distance, time, and calories burned. It’s designed to attach securely to your handlebar and greatly aids you in developing an effective workout routine with each ride. A key features is that it’s a wireless bike computer, so naturally it’s easy to install and it includes a back-lit screen for viewing. Schwinn is certainly a trusted brand, so it continues to be a leader in the industry with innovative bikes products like this bike computer.

The Negatives
The Schwinn wireless bike computer did have negative reviews regarding the mounting capacity. Some product owners found that the computer fell off easily and kept interrupting the workout. And while some product owners loved that the bike computer was intuitive, others wanted more control over the settings and remembering their workout information. Lastly, one online reviewer reported the magnet can pivot around the spoke and hit the sensor.

So What’s The Scoop?
The majority of online ratings were positive however, and focused on the computer’s dependability and number of features for the price. Even with satisfied customers, many offered helpful tips in their reviews for ensuring that the computer is installed correctly and has consistent readings. Overall, this is a suitable bike computer and offers many functions for the modest cost.

Bike Computer.

Schwinn 17 Function Bike Computer.

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