A Bicycle Air Horn That Is Impressively Loud And Effective

Bicycles are vehicles, too! If anyone on the road has forgotten this fact, the Dealt Airzound Bicycle Horn will surely remind them. This bicycle air horn secures tightly to any handlebar and when triggered releases a 115dB blare. Considering a car horn is, on average, 110dB and a jet engine is 120dB, Delta Airzound ensures a cyclist’s safety on the road. Best of all, no batteries or additional parts are required; the air reservoir can be quickly refilled by any bicycle pump. In 2005 alone, 784 American cyclists died and an additional 500,000+ were injured while riding. A proper horn can prevent accidents.

Most of these accidents, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission were caused by other motorists. From these statistics, it is clear a bike bell is not enough as the dinky noise cannot be heard by motorists. One cyclist commuter explained, “the horn is inconspicuous on my handlebars and is exactly what I need to get the attention of the driver pulling into my lane with their windows closed and radio blaring!”

The Positives
Refills with any bike pump and requires no batteries or cartridges. Lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects. Super loud horn that’s up to 115 dB while air horn clamps to your bike’s handlebar. Requires no batteries or cartridges, simply fill the ultra-light air reservoir. Delta Cycle has created many useful cycling products for years.

The Negatives
Horn is so loud that it should only be used to alert cars and not pedestrians. One reviewer said the plastic construction is poorly engineered at stress points.

So What’s The Scoop?
Delta Cycle has been developing practical cycling products for more than two decades and this bike air horn exemplifies the superior quality Delta requires of its products while safeguarding cyclists from everyday dangers.

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