Breville Die-Cast Smart Toaster Is Rated As One Of The Best Toasters

There is nothing better in the morning than a nice hot breakfast to fill the stomach before heading off to work or school, but let’s be honest we don’t all have time for eggs, bacon, and pancakes. You can have a warm breakfast though without much hassle, just pop in bread, English muffins, or a bagel into your toaster and in minutes you’ll have a warm breakfast to fill you up and start your day off right. Don’t settle for just any toaster though; go with the Breville Die-Cast Smart Toaster. A best toaster contender considering the amount of rave reviews it’s received. Though on the surface this toaster doesn’t appear to differ from others.

It looks just like any other 900-watt 2-slice toaster with 1-1/5 inch wide slots. If you dig deeper though you will discover that this toaster is unique from others. It features a one-touch button that automatically lowers toast, muffins, or bagels into the toaster and has buttons to adjust browning settings for the various items. Perhaps the best feature of the toaster is the lift-and-look feature that allows you to check on the toast without canceling or resetting the heating cycle. On top of everything else, the brushed die-cast housing is easy on the eyes.

Toasters come in a variety of shapes and sizes; and while this one doesn’t boast four-slice capabilities, it does have smart technology others lack. Despite the majority of reviewers giving the Breville Die-Cast Smart Toaster, there were numerous reviewers who pointed out major flaws in the toaster. Two of the most common included inconsistent toasting of bread and extremely long toasting time. Other minor flaws included an inability to accommodate longer bread slices.

The Positives
This toaster includes a 900-watt 2-slice toaster with intelligent one-touch auto lowering function. Push-button controls for toast, a bit more, bagel, defrost, and lift-and-look functions. LED panel illuminates according to selected setting on variable browning control. Internal smart chip that automatically lowers bread into the toasting slots. Two wide slots accommodate waffles, bagels or toast.

The Negatives
A few reviewers felt that this toaster was not able to handle longer bread slices. Some owners had issues with the toast not being evenly toasted on both sides.

So What’s The Scoop?
The Breville Smart Toaster is a great concept, but for many it appears that might not be ideal toaster to keep around the house for fast, everyday use.

Best Toaster.

Breville Die Cast Smart Toaster Review.

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