Berkley Fishing Tackle Box Offers Seven Storage Compartments

Traditional tackle boxes are great for when you’re hanging your feet off the pier and casting in the morning sun, but some anglers are constantly on the move looking for the next big catch. When you’ve already got your hands full, it’s difficult to lug around a tackle box. Using a Berkley Strap-On Tackle Box keeps your gear with you, while you stay focused on your rod and line. This Berkley Fishing Tackle Box weighs less than a pound and fits comfortably around the waist using its adjustable web belt. The discount fishing tackle box has seven separated compartments with two locking lids that provide access to just the gear you need.

The box can also be flipped down to provide anglers with a small work area for setting up lures and working with bait. Customer reviews of this tackle box are overwhelmingly positive. Customers enjoy always having a mobile work surface available and how it keeps them from making long trips back to their vehicle to pick up more equipment. Some customers mentioned that the hinges have broken on their boxes, but also said that Berkley replaced the parts at no cost.

The Positives
Berkley tackle fish box keeps everything within easy reach. Lightweight waist tackle box flips down for use as a workstation. Has seven storage compartments and comes with adjustable web belt. Well designed box for staying mobile while bank fishing. Handles enough lures and hooks for a full day of fishing.

The Negatives
One comment about the Berkley Tackle Bag hinges breaking off the lid. Lids need to be made of a more pliable plastic.

So What’s The Scoop?
If you’re the type of person who likes to fish all your favorite spots in one day, consider purchasing the Berkley Tackle Box, and your gear will follow you wherever you go.

Berkley Tackle Bag.

Berkley Strap On Tackle Box.

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