The Berkley Fish Scale Offers Accurate Readings Up To 50 Pounds

Berkley’s Fifty Pound Digital Fish Scale sounds like it could belong in a seafood seller’s market stall or even a fishing boat. However, this nifty scale will do more than weigh fish, and can prove to be very handy to those traveling or engaging in selling items online. Berkley promises this scale to be accurate to within one-quarter of an ounce either way. This Berkley Fish Scale also boasts a tare function which lets you weigh more than one fish at a time and a memory of the past ten weights taken. It can also calculate settings for combined and average weights. An auto off switch, designed to help save battery life, and a retractable hook round out the features

Also, those participating in selling items online, such as for eBay, have also found the scale ideal for weighing packages prior to shipping. One common concern for customers is the short life batteries tend to have with this scale.

The Positives
Fish weighing scale calculates average and combined weight settings. A 50 pound digital fish scale accurate to +/- 1/4 ounces. Offers a 10 weight memory with an auto-off switch saves battery life. Tare function lets you weigh multiple fish with this hanging fish scale.

The Negatives
One reviewer said that even during periods of non-use, this digital fish scale batteries drained. A complaint that customer support was not helpful in solving an issue.

So What’s The Scoop?
Even if you do not fish, this Berkley Fish Scale can prove valuable. Customers giving reviews on online have found the scale useful for weighing luggage prior to travel, which can help avoid above-weight fees.

Berkley 50LB Digital Fish Scale.

Berkley Fish Scales.

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