A Krups Home Beer Keg Refrigerator That Delivers The Cold Brew

Beer drinkers rejoice – the BeerTender Home Beer-Tap System brings the beer drinking experience directly to your home. Krups, a leading manufacturer of small appliances, and Heineken, a leader in premium imported beer, joined forces to make the perfect beer keg refrigerator. To use, insert a 5L keg into the machine, place the plastic tube from the keg into the spout and close the lid. The keg will be kept at an ideal temperature of 41 degrees and remain fresh for 30 days. This beer keg refrigerator is a great accessory for the Heineken beer lover, as it has a silent operation, an LCD display and detachable, easy to clean parts.

Note that this beer-tap system can only be used with Heineken kegs, as the beer kegerator is built for the crisp taste of Heineken beer, along with the signature head of foam. Heineken is known for having that “perfect pour” and this system keeps consistent with the image. Some online reviews are more critical however, with a common problem being that the beer keg only produced foam. Fortunately, many owners suggest pulling the handle all the way out and pour at an angle to avoid pouring foam.

The Positives
Home beer-tap system for use with a 5 Liter Heineken DraughtKeg. Silent cooling system allows for an adjustable temperature. Mini keg beertender has LCD display with volume and temperature indicators. Maintains freshness for up to 30 days with easy-to-clean detachable parts. Easy to use and inserting a keg takes less than 15 seconds.

The Negatives
Some reviewers mentioned the unit producing too much foam for their taste. A few reviewers had issues with build quality after their units stopped functioning.

So What’s The Scoop?
Product owners love this draft beer dispenser, as one can enjoy fresh beer from the tap at any time. Plus, the beer tap really does achieve the perfect pour and the adjustable controls are an added bonus. On the whole, these beer-tap keg refrigerators are excellent products that allows kegs to stay fresh, cool and crisp for up to a month.

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