OXO Balloon Whisk Is Perfectly Shaped To Provide Maximum Aeration

When you need a whisk, wire whisks are more productive than plastic whisks. The Good Grips 11″ balloon whisk claims to offer ten wire loops which do not contact one another at any point, making it perfect whisk for whisking. The ergonomics of the whisk offer great abilities to whisk anything. With the larger stainless steel wires on the whisk, you can use it and clean it without it being a health risk because of leftover food. The balloon whisk is very sturdy and is the perfect medium size for eggs, gravy, or smaller items. It is safe to use in the dishwasher. This balloon whisk is well made, with ferrule joined seamlessly with the wires.

The Positives
Because of this design, no food is trapped inside which makes the whisk easier to clean and alleviates the risk of rust. It has great seals at the base of the wires. This is particularly important because it keeps the whisk sanitary by alleviating the risk of pieces getting caught inside. The handle has a contoured grip which makes it easy to hold. It works well for baking, especially in larger quantities. Stainless steel looks better than rubber, with a good grip for continual whisking. The balloon shape allows the wires to adapt to the shape of the saucepan or the bowl in which it is being used. It is more viable than using a plastic kitchen whisk because it can go all around an internal surface which a plastic whisk cannot.

The Negatives
Once it is put into the dishwasher for an extended period of time or used extensively, the wire loops become discolored. The nine inch hand whisk is not great for one or two eggs.

So What’s The Scoop?
All and all, there were average owner reviews that were positive and negative, but not outstanding. A number of reviewers on onine say that between the nine inch and the eleven inch options, there are size options for any task. With the sturdy nature of the OXO Food Whisk metal seals, it is the best combination for food preparation.

Balloon Whisk.

OXO Good Grips Whisk.

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