Bag Boy Golf Cart Features Extra Wide Sturdy Wheels

Each year as Winter begins to give way to Spring, millions of individuals eagerly await the day that the tarps are taken off the tees and greens at their favorite country club. Golf is one of the most popular warm weather activities and is a big tourist draw for many Southern states during the winter months. While many enjoy golf for the challenge, many others enjoy the simple pleasure of being outdoors and getting some exercise. For those who love to walk their favorite 9 or 18-hole course there is the Bag Boy M-330 Pull Cart. The Bag Boy Golf Cart is built with high strength bag brackets, enlarged rear support brackets and reinforced side rods.

This provides unbeatable durability and high strength support cables. All the design features of the Bag Boy are meant to provide durability and length of service. The golf bag pull cart also features wide removable wheels, a compact fold design for easy storage, and an adjustable handle with built-in scorecard holder. Generally speaking the Bag Boy pull cart sets itself apart from other models on the market by providing a sturdy, reliable design.

Other models do have extra features that the Bag Boy does not provide, but their added value to anyone’s golf game is minimal. Online reviewers have been unanimous in their love for the Bag Boy M-330 Pull Cart. All of the pull cart’s reviewers raved about the durability and quality of their pull cart. The only downside that reviewers could find was the lack of a cup holder.

The Positives
Extra wide removable wheels and high strength support cables. High strength bag bracket with rear support bracket. Pull cart has reinforced side rods for unbeatable durability. Compact fold for easy storage with adjustable handle for convenience. The 2 wheel golf pull cart is recommended for use with cart style bags.

The Negatives
Some reviewers complained that the pull cart lacked a cup holder. One owner commented that the bag shifts a little to the side during use.

So What’s The Scoop?
Golf is a great summer activity that is enjoyed by millions around the world. Those who enjoy the added exercise of walking through their round would find their money well invested in the Bag Boy Golf Cart.

Bag Boy M330.

Bag Boy Golf Cart.

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