This Baby Walking Toy Will Help Young Children Take Their First Steps

If your baby is ready for toddlerhood, they might be ready for their first baby walking toy. The Plan Toy Baby Walker is a progressive tool designed to help crawlers progress to walkers. The walker features an adjustable handle and colorful wooden and rubber blocks to keep young ones motivated and moving forward. For baby walking toys this does get very mixed reviews. Some who have purchased and reviewed this baby walker claim that it was incredibly sturdy, well made and was just the thing for their 1 year old to cling to as they set out on their journey toward becoming full fledged walkers themselves.

One review I read mentioned that the walker was helping their child to develop the correct walking muscles. Unfortunately, this is where the good reviews end. An overwhelming amount of reviewers complained that the Plan Toy Baby Walker was much too lightweight and that their children constantly tipped over. Another con that was frequently listed was that the walker was nearly impossible for children to turn without toppling over.

The Positives
A traditional baby walker to help young children take their first steps. Specially designed handle can be adjusted to different heights. Walking toy includes 24 colored and natural blocks. This toy is made in Thailand from all natural organic recycled rubber wood. Recommended for ages between 10 months 3 years.

The Negatives
It is very lightweight and can be tipsy for a child to push. The baby walker wheels do not turn and can only be pushed in a straight line.

So What’s The Scoop?
Perhaps one reviewer said it best when they commented that this baby walker would be great for any child who only walked in a straight line. If that is your child, this may be the walking toy for you.

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