Aroma Electric Water Kettle Ideal For Instant Coffees And Hot Tea

Product display of aroma awk x press cordless water kettle review.

Want a quick, safe and efficient way to boil water? Perhaps for your instant coffee, healthy tea, tasty hot cocoa or comforting morning oatmeal? What about a cordless hot water kettle that can replace your teapot or convention stove because it can boil water much quicker and you can leave it unattended because it’s smart, and will automatically shut off when the water reaches a boil. The Aroma Electric Hot Water Kettle does just that, plus it’s stainless steel, so no worries of chemicals from plastic leaching into the water. The real magic of this Aroma Water Kettle though is it can boil up to 1-1/2 liters at cup a minute speed!


Also it sports a over sized, sturdy handle that is quite comfortable and the spout prevents spilling even for those that are accident prone. The kettle takes a rest in a 360 degree swivel base that allows for graceful serving without being tied down to a power cord. It can be returned to its power source from any direction, which is great for right handers and now left handers can rejoice too! Rarely do you find a product that’s both visually attractive and exceeds your expectations. This stainless steel electric kettle delivers boiling water quick and in style!

Electric hot-water kettle boils up to 1-1/2 liters at cup-a-minute speed. 60-degree swivel base for cordless pouring and shuts off automatically after boiling. Water-level indicator, comfortable stay-cool handle and non drip spout. Polished stainless-steel housing and removable, washable spout filter. Can be used for hot tea, soups, instant coffees, oatmeal, hot chocolate, noodles.

Some had units where the auto-shut off feature was not working some of the time. One reviewer commented that operation was noisier than expected.

Majority of owners reported that this electric water kettle quickly boiled up water for use in hot teas, soups, instant coffee and even oatmeal!

Picture of stainless steel kettle.
Picture of electric water kettle.

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