Tristar Air Stepper Provides Low Impact Exercise

The Tri-star Air Climber is a great workout system that burns calories and tones the body. In as little as 20 minutes a day, the air stepper can transform the body, shedding pounds and toning areas that need work. With the innovative air power system, you can rely on this power to lift the legs and help you get a better workout. Best of all, the pounding impact to your joints is reduced, creating a workout routine that is effective, without placing strain on the body. The air stepper comes with resistance bands to tone the upper body and abs and is lightweight enough to be moved from room to room. With three workouts in one, you can expect a great exercise.

There are many different air steppers on the market, with a popular brand being Sunny Health and Fitness. Comparing the two brands, both steppers have similar features, but Sunny Health and Fitness has better reviews and comes at a lower price. What some customers faced with the Tri-Star Air Climber was that the machine didn’t stand up well to long-term use.

Different problems were faced by online reviewers, such as an overall poor construction, cracked plastic and difficulty keeping the machine inflated. Yet even with some poor reviews, the majority of online reviews were positive.

The Positives
Three in one workout that combines calorie burning, with total body toning. Sheds pounds and tones your entire body in as little as 20 minutes a day. It’s air power actually lifts your legs to help your workout. Effective, low-impact stepping exercise burns up to 1000 calories an hour. Reduces pounding impact to your joints and comes with 3 full workouts.

The Negatives
Number of reviewers felt the air climber stepper was not of quality construction. One reviewer mentioned it was awkward to use and didn’t give a good workout.

So What’s The Scoop?
Customers rave about the great workout, the ease of the air stepper exercise machine and the price for three great workouts in one. Overall, the Tristar Air Stepper is a great addition to any ordinary workout routine, helping you get the figure you want.

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