The Effective AeroGrow AeroGarden with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit

Maybe you have heard of the AeroGarden, it is an intriguing concept for an indoor garden product. It is a great option for those that are apartment dwellers with no patch for a garden space, or those that desire to yield some all-season growing results. This remarkable indoor herb garden is nearly fool-proof and is shipped with excellent user instructions offering a diagram of step-by-step growing process. The AeroGrow AeroGarden with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit will be delivered with pre-seeded planting pods. Each pod is essentially a plastic cup shaped frame with foaming lining the inside of the cup. Why is this important?

This makes for an ideal and safe growing location for the herb plants. The plant pods simply insert into seven holes in the top of garden’s water tank. The water tank holds about one gallon of drinking water and the garden’s computer chip cycles the water based on the recommended amount for each plant being grown.

The top of the garden has two compact lamps have a special ultraviolet (UV) coating that causes the light being emitted to resemble sunlight. The effects are nearly a guaranteed harvest in 28 days and some fresh herbs for the kitchen. Not bad!

The Positives
Extends the growing season to 365 days a year. No land? No problem. Perfect for gardeners in condos, high-rises, and apartments. Plant in minutes, sprout in days, harvest continuously for months. Perfect nutrition and pH balance with more than 60 nutrients. The full-daylight-spectrum, energy-efficient grow lights allow you to grow anywhere.

The Negatives
The AeroGarden Herb Garden water pump is been reported to stop working. The grow light has to be on for 14-15 hours a day.

So What’s The Scoop?
AeroGrow has put a good deal of thought in this gourmet herb seed kit, as it requires no dirt, no mess and no green thumb.

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