31 Large Utility Tote Is The Perfect Storage Tote

This 31 Large Utility Tote is available in 22 different prints to match anyone’s style. It is the perfect tote to keep in the trunk of your car for easy storage regardless of gender. The tote is 11.75″H x 21.5″W x 10″D to carry all of your items in. The structured metal frame keeps the tote open for bulky items and provides strength for durability. Use it to keep your closet in order, carry toys or groceries while you’re on the go, haul camping gear and so much more. The Large Utility Tote even collapses for easy storage!

The Positives
Some of the positive aspects that customers talked about in their reviews were how “pretty” the designs were and how it has a frame at the top of the bag. They also enjoy how lightweight the tote is to be able to carry around a lot without the bag adding more weight.

The Negatives
There were several negatives that were discussed in the customer’s reviews. Some of them were that there is not a frame at the bottom of the bag, nor is there a hard panel. They think there should be to help hold the shape when trying to load things into the bag. Another negative aspect was that given how large and the shape of the tote, the weight does not distribute evenly making it difficult to carry at times.

So What’s The Scoop?
I feel this product is worth the money for anyone who has a car, goes on trips, goes to the gym, etc. It is perfect for a mom,college student, kids, or the elderly. The 31 Large Utility Tote is the perfect gift for a growing family or a college student who is just out on their own.



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